Stumped about what to get that special man in your life for Christmas? Here are some ideas from just a few bucks up to $100.
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Everyday Carry / Pocket Items


Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Key Chain Tweezers¬†
About $7
You have no idea how handy these will be until you have them. Great gift for just about anyone.


Streamlight Stylus Pro
About $20
Great flashlight to have on hand and use anytime a little light is useful.


Kent Pocket Comb
For those follicily endowed, this is very useful to have on hand to straighten hair, moustache, or beard throughout the day.
About $10


Fisher Space Bullet Pen
This incredible little pen will write anywhere (even in space), and is very handy to always have on hand.
About $19


Ontario RAT-1 Pocket Knife
About $26
One of the best pocket knives in existence in this price range.


Leatherman Juice S2
About $65
Some of the most essential tools you could need in a pocket-sized form factor. This is small enough to reasonably carry in your pocket.


About $90
The mac daddy multi-tool. A step above the Juice in size and weight, but with more tools. Still small enough to carry in a pocket if you’re committed to being prepared at all times.





3-in1 USB Cable
About $9
Charge just about anything with this one cable. Great for the car, backpack, or briefcase.

Anker 4 Port Car USB Charger
About $18
One car charger to rule them all. Have one in every vehicle for plenty of ports to charge everything.


Anker 6 Port AC USB Charger
About $21
One AC charger to rule them all. Have one in your bedroom, at your desk, and in your travel bag.


Travel Surge Protector
Something very useful to have on hand at all times. Keep it in your backpack or suitcase so you never have to fight over outlets at the coffee shop again.
About $16

Anker 13000 mAh Portable Phone Charger
About $31
Charge your devices when you don’t have access to power. On the airplane, away from your desk or home, or even during an unexpected power outage. This one has enough juice to recharge an iPhone about 5 times.


Raspberry Pi 3 Kit
About $50
A tiny computer that you can use for just about anything; a game console, media streaming device, security camera, a weather station … the possibilities are endless.





Swanson Speed Square
About $10
An essential part of anyone’s toolkit. Use this to mark a straight line on wood at any angle and guide your circular saw.


Combination Square
About $14
An essential part of anyone’s toolkit. One of the most infinitely useful squares to have around.


Rafter/Framing Square
About $14
An essential part of anyone’s toolkit. Used to layout rafters and stairs, as well as any long straight lines.


Painter’s Pyramids
About $9
Never paint the same way again. Holds what you’re painting up off the surface, making it easier to paint the edges.


Folding Allen and Torx Kit
About $18
An essential part of anyone’s toolkit. Includes both metric and SAE allen wrenches along with torx/star drive wrenches. Something you don’t realize you need until you REALLY need it.


Rivet Nut Setter
About $70
A life-changing tool for anyone that likes to make stuff. Allows you to add a nut anywhere a hole is drilled in a piece of metal.





Swedish Firesteel
About $18 
Start a fire without matches or a lighter.


Bahco Laplander Folding Saw
About $22


Morakniv Companion
About $21


Helinox Chair One
About $100
The chair you can take anywhere. Packs down into about the size of a men’s size 12 shoe. Comfortable and holds just about any sized person.


Garlic Peeler
About $6
It will blow your mind the first time you use this to peel garlic.

Grill Scraper with No Bristles
About $20
Get your grill clean without the risk of leaving any bristles behind.


Wireless Grilling Thermometer
About $51
Smoking and grilling forever changed. Know the precise temperature of the grill/smoker and meat wirelessly from anywhere within range.