Dixon Dispatch: 2019 in Review

Dearly loved friends and family,

We are writing to you as we begin 2020, quite honestly astonished at all we experienced in 2019. As we reflect on all that has happened, this truly was a landmark year for us as a family.

At the start of the year we closed on our new home in Iron Station, knowing major renovations were required. By March we had completed enough to be able to move in, and since then have continued to repair, replace, and improve things as we have been able. We have learned to appreciate the little things we have previously taken for granted, like having a bathroom door and functioning appliances. Many friends and family have helped us along the way with demo, drywall, plumbing, flooring, moving, babysitting, and more, for which we are immensely grateful.

During that same time period, we started a Bed and Breakfast at our former home in Charlotte. Our investment of time, energy, and finances have grown into a modestly successful business that helps support our family and one part-time employee. We are now Airbnb Superhosts, and we have hosted more than 200 guests for over 250 nights since launching. Most of our guests are in town to visit friends and family, traveling for work, or attending concerts and other events. You can check out our website at www.SuburbanRetreatCLT.com and contact us directly to book at a special rate.

We celebrated Madeline (Maddie) Elizabeth’s first birthday in April in our new home surrounded by our loved ones, and it is hard to believe her 2nd birthday is so nearly upon us. She is growing and maturing everyday. She is walking, running, and climbing, especially enjoying walks around the property. She understands and speaks hundreds of words, confidently spots letters and colors, and loves the Baby Bumblebee song. She is adjusting to becoming a big sister and beginning to show gentle affection toward her newborn sibling.

In October we delivered Jospehine “Josie” Mae in remarkable circumstances – right in the passenger seat of our car on the shoulder of Highway NC-16. We had been to the hospital earlier that day, but were sent home due to lack of progress. Around 5 hours later, we decided to return, even though Hannah still hadn’t progressed “enough” by the book. Much to our surprise, Josie decided to make her appearance about halfway there. Being able to deliver her ourselves was nothing short of incredible. We are grateful there were no complications whatsoever. Medics arrived shortly after and transported us to the hospital where everyone was given the all clear after a short stay.

Hannah has steadfastly managed the household as our family has grown to 4 and caring for our nephew Lane during the week. All the responsibility and energy required for this has been overwhelming at times, but she says it is has both the most challenging and most fulfilling work she has ever done. She truly is a wonderful mother and wife that helps keep our family thriving.

Evan has found the meaning and purpose that comes with being a husband and father to be remarkably fulfilling and motivating. He continues working in his roles with CloudGenera, Grace Life, managing our Airbnb, and freelance work. CloudGenera recently signed a large contract that is catapulting them into an exciting season of growth and expansion. Evan’s team continues to innovate at a fast pace. At Grace Life, he continues to counsel individuals and couples on a weekly basis. Helping people find freedom from anxiety, depression, addictions, purposelessness, and other struggles has been a great honor. To our supporters, please know how grateful we are and that your support is a direct benefit to these hurting people. To learn more or partner with us, visit www.evanandhannah.com.

In 2020, our shared mission as a couple is to settle and stabilize into life as a family of 4. We aren’t likely to start any big new projects or deliver any more children in cars (at least of our own) this year. We want to deepen and solidify the things we have already started, including our relationships. We would love to see and hear from you in 2020!


Evan and Hannah