A husband who recently graduated from marriage counseling with his wife shared this testimony:

“As a pastor, I have recommended to many people that they seek out professional counseling. The sermons I preach and the advice I provide are often centered around the grace of God, so you can imagine how surprised I was when it became apparent that my wife and I were in desperate need of counseling. How could it be that two people who loved and believed in the Wonderful Counselor would still be in need of earthly counseling?

God used Evan to show my wife and I that we were believing in a version of Him that didn’t exist. His love is not predicated on our performance, but it is solely based upon Jesus’ finished work on the cross. We now know what it means to replace the lies of the enemy with the truth of God’s grace, and our marriage has been radically transformed as a result. Evan approaches his responsibility with sobriety, diligence, and tremendous understanding. We would highly recommend him to anyone who desires a better understanding of how to live the life of freedom that God has made available to us.”

It’s an honor for Evan to be a part of the journey to healing with couples like this. To date, he has met with over 100 individuals and counting. He meets with up to 7 couples or individuals each week to help them find freedom from anxiety, depression, addiction, and other struggles. Thank you for your support that helps make this possible.

We want to sincerely thank all of our financial partners: those who recently joined us, those who have been with us since we started this adventure, and everyone in between. Your continual support is directly impacting the lives of people each week.

We are hoping for 4 new partners to join our team to sustain our ministry needs. If our mission of helping hurting couples and individuals find freedom resonates with you, please consider becoming a monthly partner at $25, $50, $100 or another amount. Any amount truly does help. All contributions are tax deductible.

Maddie is nearly 1.5 yrs old, walking, talking, and full of joy. Just this week she started saying “hat” and “yes” with great enthusiasm. She is currently a huge fan of apple sauce pouches, nightly walks outside before dinner, going down the slide over and over, and identifying the things she knows in every book. It’s astonishing to observe her growing so quickly, as we’ve been told by many other parents before but never truly understood.

We are eagerly awaiting our second daughter’s arrival, due November 3.Hannah and baby are healthy to the best of our knowledge. Keeping up with a toddler along with the physical limitations of late term pregnancy has been challenging, not to mention trying to sleep with a tiny gymnast doing somersaults in her womb all night. Despite the difficulties, she is balancing all that this season of life involves extraordinarily well. Our family is truly #blessed by her steadfast nurture and care.

We would be delighted to see you and catch up sometime, share a meal and some conversation. We’d love to know how to be praying for you. Please reach out anytime. 

We love you and are grateful for you,

Evan and Hannah
(704) 326-1989