Dixon Dispatch

Spring 2016


Freedom Fighters! That’s what we call one another at Grace Life as we help hurting Christians find freedom.

Guess what? Because of your partnership, you’re one too. 

Thank you for being on our team, and for taking the time to read our quarterly update.



Your partnership makes helping hurting Christians like this possible. Thank you.

“… if this is all there is to life, why not just run my car into a tree?”

“Honestly, I know it sounds cliché, but I really wish I could thrive and not just survive. I feel like I’ve just been surviving for such a long time.”

“I don’t understand why I feel so discontent, even with a loving husband, three incredible children, and a successful career.”

“I feel like our life has defined by this tragedy. I have anxiety thinking about people who may be judging us and wondering when we’re going to be over it. And I don’t know if we ever will.”

“I don’t really feel like I’m worthy of love.”

“I want the walls I have up that are preventing me from being who I am supposed to be to come down. So I can be a better husband and a better father.”

God is using your partnership to help these hurting Christians find freedom, healing, and hope. Thank you.

Support Raising Progress



Percentage Raised

We are trusting God to show us the way forward with around 40% of the monthly support needed to do this full time. Until then, Evan is serving part-time, spending 1-2 days each week at Grace Life.
 We are specifically looking for monthly partnerships of $50, $75, $100 or any other amount.

We can’t wait for Evan to get full support raised so he can take Grace Life, the largest ministry in the country like this, to the next level with technology along with joining our counseling and teaching teams here.

President and Directors of GLI

The Year So Far


In the second half of February, we traveled to Nicaragua for the first time since we were married. It was really incredible to reconnect with our Nicaraguan family and be back in the place where we met one another.

During our time here, Evan was able to minister to several missionaries – a married couple and two other individuals – using some of the training he received at Grace Life. He was also able to encourage native pastors and ministry workers who are living out the Gospel there.

This was all very encouraging, almost like the Lord was saying, “See, I am going to use all of this!”

In March, Hannah threw Evan a surprise 27th birthday party with over 30 friends and family.

He wondered why she was so intent on cleaning the house and getting patio furniture!

It was an incredible time with everyone.

Tech Triumphs



Staff Lunch and Learn

Evan has helped host two “Lunch and Learn” events at Grace Life in January and February to help staff with the transition from Outlook to Google Apps for email and calendar. We take 2 hours to share lunch, share tips, and have Q&A. This has been a great way to really help the staff succeed with Google Apps and make relationships with them individually.


Video Conferencing Classroom

Evan was able to implement Zoom video conference to enable anyone in the world to connect to all Grace Life classes, including monthly Grace Life Conferences, weekly Grace Groups and Advanced Discipleship Training, and even Staff Meetings. This is a huge step forward in expanding the national – even global – reach of the Grace Life ministry.


Upgrade to QuickBooks 2016

This is the life blood of any organization – financial accounting software – and upgrades can be painstaking and tedious. Evan was able to work with the financial staff to make the transition to the latest software safely and smoothly. In the past this has been very expensive and difficult with hired consultants, so it was a big win for the ministry!

Ways You Can Pray and Upcoming Events


Ways You Can Pray

  • For us both, as we trust God to provide partners for this ministry to raise 100% support. That God would provide generous and encouraging supporters.
  • For Hannah as she transitions from part-time to full-time with Love 146. That she would know God’s life and peace amidst the added workload and responsibility.
  • For Evan as he finishes observation and begins co-counseling. That God would speak through him as he ministers in counseling, as well as through technology.
  • For Grace Life as we begin a organization-wide branding, marketing, and digitization campaign in 2016 that will help us expand the message of the Gospel worldwide.

Upcoming Events at Grace Life

Note: all events now available by video conference
  • Marriage by Grace “Free View” – April 6
  • Grace Life Conferences – April 15-16, May 20-21, June 17-18, July 17-18
  • Women’s Grace Life Conference – August 19-20
  • Romans – Mondays in June
  • Advanced Discipleship Training – Mondays beginning July, continuing after Romans
  • Grace Groups – Every Tuesday at 7pm
For more information go to www.GraceLifeInternational.com or call the office at 704-522-9026.