Dixon Dispatch

Summer 2016


Freedom Fighters! That’s what we call one another at Grace Life as we help hurting Christians find freedom.

Guess what? Because of your partnership, you’re one too. 

Thank you for being on our team, and for taking the time to read our quarterly update.



This update … at a glance!

Support Plateau

During the Spring, support raising plateaued at 40% of funds necessary for Evan’s full-time transition to Grace Life.

Seeking Alternatives

We prayed, sought, and pursued alternative ways to make up the 60% difference including part-time work and consulting opportunities.

Solution Discovered

God provided a position with a local tech startup with flexible working hours that could accommodate working at Grace Life.

It has begun!

Evan accepted the tech startup position and is now working 2 days and 1 night per week at Grace Life!


May 2016

Raising financial support for full-time ministry has been an ongoing effort for us that began more than one year ago. As of late Spring, we were still at 40% of the support needed for Evan to transition full time to Grace Life, and progress seemed to plateau. Trusting the Lord’s calling, we started looking for other options to make up the 60% deficit, including other jobs and consulting opportunities. After pursuing no fewer than 5 options, Evan had lunch with a former co-worker who told him about a job opening as a Research Analyst at a tech startup based in Charlotte that focuses on cloud enablement.

The incredible thing about this job was the flexibility that could accommodate counseling and working with technology at Grace Life during the day, and they even had a pastor in the company already. After sharing the news of this opportunity, Grace Life leadership signed off with much excitement and prayed along with us. Evan applied for the position and went through 3 rounds of interviews with his would be manager, peer, and ultimately the CEO of the company. We’re pleased to tell you that Evan was offered the position and accepted the offer to begin working on June 1!



We are thrilled to finally have Evan on our staff 2 1/2 days per week!  God has provided us with an opportunity to leverage technology to take the message of the Gospel of grace world-wide and Evan is joining us at a critical time in this new God-sized venture.  Thank you to all of you who pray for him and support him financially.  We could not do what God is calling Grace Liife International to do without him and you!

Mark Maulding

President and Founder, Grace Life International


Evan is now working at Grace Life two days per week in combination with this new job, continuing to counsel and leading technology efforts. Though this arrangement was not the solution we originally imagined, we are thrilled God provided his solution, as are the staff at Grace Life. To our financial supporters who got us to 40% – thank you! Your support made this possible!

We believe it is no accident that we were able to raise 40% and that Evan is now able to work 40% of the week (2 out of 5 days) at Grace Life. This was a big confirmation of the Lord’s encouragement in this decision. Just over one month into the transition, we’re even more certain that this was God’s answer to our prayers to be able to follow His call for Evan to work with Grace Life. Thank you!


Potential Questions

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Do you still need our financial partnership?

Yes, we would be grateful if you would prayerfully continue your financial partnership with us. Evan will receive a partial salary for the hours he is working at Grace Life. Funds will also be used for technology-related projects as needed at Grace Life, which have previously had very limited budget. This is all possible through your partnership.

Does this new job change what you will be doing at Grace Life?

No, this will not change. Evan will still be counseling, teaching, and leading technology efforts at Grace Life, only at fewer hours per week.

Will you be full-time at Grace Life in the future?

This is a tougher question that does not currently have a clear answer. We will continue to be open to what the Lord is doing in this area and wait to see what develops. If our financial support grew to be capable of sustaining full-time ministry, there would be a very good possibility. In the meantime, refocusing efforts on ministry with the time available each week is the plan. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement in this area.

Ways You Can Pray and Upcoming Events


Ways You Can Pray

  • For us both, as we trust God to continue providing the support needed to continue in ministry. That God would continue to provide generous and encouraging supporters.
  • For Hannah, as she continues working full-time with Love 146. That she would know God’s life and peace in her work and relationships.
  • For Evan, as he begins counseling. That God would speak through him as he ministers in counseling, as well as through technology.
  • For Grace Life, as we are in the midst of an organization-wide branding, marketing, and digitization campaign that will help us expand the message of the Gospel worldwide.

Upcoming Events at Grace Life

Note: online video conferencing now available for all events
  • Grace Life Conferences – July 17-18
  • Women’s Grace Life Conference – August 19-20
  • Advanced Discipleship Training – Mondays beginning July 11
  • Grace Groups – Every Tuesday at 7pm
For more information go to www.GraceLifeInternational.com or call the office at 704-522-9026.

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Your partnership makes helping hurting Christians like this possible. Thank you.

“… if this is all there is to life, why not just run my car into a tree?”

“Honestly, I know it sounds cliché, but I really wish I could thrive and not just survive. I feel like I’ve just been surviving for such a long time.”

“I don’t understand why I feel so discontent, even with a loving husband, three incredible children, and a successful career.”

“I feel like our life has defined by this tragedy. I have anxiety thinking about people who may be judging us and wondering when we’re going to be over it. And I don’t know if we ever will.”

“I don’t really feel like I’m worthy of love.”

“I want the walls I have up that are preventing me from being who I am supposed to be to come down. So I can be a better husband and a better father.”

God is using your partnership to help these hurting Christians find freedom, healing, and hope. Thank you.