I’m in the observation phase of my counselor training at Grace Life International, much like an apprenticeship. I have had the privilege to listen in as some of our veteran counselors conduct their sessions. Here are a couple quotes I’ve heard while listening over the past few weeks:

“I don’t really feel like I’m worthy of love.”

“I don’t understand why I feel so discontent, even with a loving husband, three incredible children, and a successful career.”

“Honestly, I know it sounds cliche, but I really wish I could thrive and not just survive. I feel like I’ve just been surviving for such a long time.”

“… if this is all there is to life, why not just run my car into a tree?”

“I feel like our life has defined by this tragedy. I have anxiety thinking about people who may be judging us and wondering when we’re going to be over it. And I don’t know if we ever will.”

“I want the walls I have up that are preventing me from being who I am supposed to be to come down. So I can be a better husband and a better father.”

I want to personally thank those of you who are supporting me to help hurting Christians find freedom. I’m currently at 40% of what I need to do this full-time. Your partnership makes it possible.

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