Spring of 2019 is here already! We are thriving. We hope you are as well.
We will kick off this update with some big news: we’re expecting our second child to be born in November! 
Hannah has finally passed through a phase of intense and constant nausea, which we’re very grateful for. The doctor says momma and baby are healthy, and that there’s officially just one in there, much to our relief.  
Our little Maddie turned one year old today. She is standing, walking while holding onto things, and has become quite fond of Chicfila nuggets. She loves going outside for walks to see the ducks on our pond and reading at least 5 flip books before bed. She played with bubbles for the first time on Easter Sunday and had a blast. Her giggle continues to be music to our ears. 
We have moved into our home in Iron Station and continue to fix it up little by little as we live in it. All in all we had to replace 71 out of 76 floor joists, the entire 50ft center girder that holds up the house, and several areas of subflooring. We also replaced the flooring in the entire home. We are very relieved that the structural repairs are completed and passed inspection. So many friends and family generously helped us through the finish line to finish repairs and flooring, get all of our belongings and furniture moved, unpack, watch Maddie, and countless other tasks. It was humbling and heart-warming to observe people rally around us in that way. 
We have been roughing it without a dryer since moving, but God seemed to creatively orchestrate a solution for us when our friends who live nearby said they were moving and needed to get rid of theirs!
We decided to try using Airbnb with our previous home and have had good success so far. Our first tenants booked us for 52 nights! If you have friends or family needing a place to stay in the area, please let us know. Here’s a link to our listing. 
Evan was able to travel to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the annual convention for Network 220, of which Grace Life is a part. He was joined by our great friend Jim Bob Norman from New Song Mission Nicaragua. They enjoyed the conference and the long drive to catch up on life. Here they’re enjoying some cajun crawfish with their local host, Pat. 
Counseling is going very well. Evan recently had 3 clients decide to continue onward into Grace Life’s Advanced Discipleship Training, which was very encouraging. Please continue to pray for him as he helps connect people to Jesus in their suffering and pain. It can be very challenging and draining at times, but he truly loves what he is doing and is confident in it as his calling. Jesus is the answer for the counselor just as He is for those being counseled, without a doubt.
We are praying for 4 new partners at $50 per month this year to sustain our ministry needs. If you would like to help fill that need, please visit www.evanandhannah.com/donate for instructions. All contributions are tax deductible. 
We would be delighted to see you and catch up sometime, share a meal and some conversation. We’d love to know how to be praying for you. Please reach out anytime. 

We love you and are grateful for you,

Evan and Hannah